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A fellow graphic designer saying hello!

Hi guys and galls, I'm new to this forum so here's what you should know about me;

I've studied at Birmingham City University and received a second class honors degree in Graphic Communication
I've owned my own company, Dan Penn Design, for a little over 2 years
I'm currently working full time for another graphic design firm whilst continuing operations with my own company.

I'm also giving a bit back to other designers; I knew how hard it was through uni to get decent quality mockups to use in all my work. They weren't quite as accessible as they are now for free, even still it's something I enjoy doing and I plan to roll out more mockup packs in the future.

Here's a link to my recent mockup pack, would be cool if you checked it out!
Business Card Mockups

And if anyone else new to this forum wants a chat, feel free to reply to my post!