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A design competition for you all

oooo so I can spend a load of time on the project, give it to you and then not get paid any royalties as all rights are transferred to you?.... Don't think so. Also this social marketing you speak of, I dont think 69 people on facebook, and cant even find you on twitter, would even be even considered a successful markting campaign. In the last week I've spent £13 with facebook ads and have 200 more likes, much better than 2 hours at £20ph spent on your project and not actually receiving any payment.

I speak for the majority of the users on this website when I say, we don't do anything for free unless its for charity. Unless the winner keeps the rights of the image as well as receiving royalties for the print, and if you had a large following and customer database, it's highly unlikely you will get any decent designers.


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wow that prize is SO good I think I'm going to enter......

oh who am I kidding that prize is rubbish and it's not even worth the time required to do the design

So I'm basically with with the others on this....


Sorry Ben, but you're just plain wrong mate...

You speak for ALL users on this website.


I think that all has been said on this topic really with the sheer number of people doing this sort of "competition" on this forum to which I think only 1 person has actually entered... why do people bother doing this sort of thing on here...
So, 'competitions' go down well here then!

There may well be well meaning, cash poor, potential start-ups out there who would love to get a broad view of what this diverse and talented design community could contribute to their (potential) business.

You see where this is going....

Bearing the above in mind;

What would incentivise you dust off the sketch book/ tablet?

How important are the image rights, when put in the context of designing to a strict specification, and what sort of commission/ royalty is 'average'/ acceptable/ desirable?

I understand your desire, as seen above, to get the claws out - but I come in peace and curiosity.


Basically... most members on here are professional designers or artists, don't work for free and don't do crowd-sourcing as its rubbish.

That is the end of the discussion.


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Personally I just like to get paid for the work I'm doing.... I've got bills to pay like lots of others on here :)


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I'm moving house - in going to invite a hundred builders to each construct a new home for me, and I'll pay (well, offer bragging rights to) the one who builds the house I decide to live in.

Yeah, right.