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A cunning linguist...


Senior Member
I've had a thought today about strange paradox's in the English language, mostly because I was faced with some odd tensing issues in Italian.

I went to Siena yesterday, I thought about this and said to my boss, (literal translation) "I go-ed to Siena yesterday." but this got me thinking...

What is the present tense of went? I realise there is a certain euphonious issue in saying "I gone", but is that actually all it is? Or is this one of those odd hangovers from middle English?

I would be greatly appointed if I was to discover some clarity on this.

I shall return interfrastically.


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Simple present: I go
Simple past: I went
Present perfect (?): I've gone

Does that clarify anything? Because your post confuses me a little :p


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Language is often interpreted differently, English is one of the hardest languages as there are so many ways to interpret it. This often leads to literal translations being confused. Just look at Engrish.com

I just think common sense is in order.