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A cheap Christmas Prezzie idea, take a look

Stationery Direct

Staff member
I noticed this on another forum so thought I would mention it here, maybe something cheap for somebodies christmas stocking??

BEAT the credit crunch this Christmas by claiming your special edition Sun front page absolutely FREE — the perfect gift for your friends and family!

Scooped! has teamed up with The Sun to give readers a 100 per cent discount on our Christmas range of personalised newspapers that put YOU or a loved one on the front page of the paper.

Each page is worth £19.99 — but we are giving them away completely FREE! And what’s more, there is an exclusive front page for ALL the family — and you can order as many as you like.

Ever dreamed of being Christmas No1? Fancy being related to Santa Claus? Ever thought your son or daughter would make a great Santa’s Little Helper? Or is your computer whizzkid good enough to be World Wii Champion?

If you order online at Making The News - Home - Scooped, making the news, personalised newspapers, create newspapers, newspaper creation, fun newspapers. It will take just 60 SECONDS to create your very own Sun front page.