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A chap


Junior Member
Hello there!

I'm glad to write my first post in the forum. yay!

Well, I introduce myself. I'm a 23 years graphic designer whom have just come to UK from Spain anger to discover a new culture and meet new people : )

I've been working in a couple agencies in Madrid before come to Guildford, I've seen that in Guildford there is no many places to work, so in a couple of months I'm moving to London... anyone living in there? haha, I think so.

Sorry for my english. : )


Welcome to the forum Hubee .. ahh so you live in Guildford :) I used to live there a few years ago :) There are quite a few decent design houses in Guildford, but not much in the way of work from what I remember :(

Good luck to you though :)


Junior Member
Hi Chrismitchell! Ouch... definitely Guildford isn't the best place to design... ^^

Thanks for answer. : )


Active Member
Hi Hubee,

Welcome to Design Forums & the UK! Unfortunately I think your story of finding design agency work is true in many places at the moment given the "current financial climate". As Tim & Fred have already said your English is pretty good :)