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A brand refresh


Senior Member
Well I don't really like it that much. For one, the kerning is way off and your black letters are pixelated at the edges. Design/concept-wise I think you should keep the first two letters like they are, and make the 'ou' just regular black with no special alignment at all. That way you only have one recognizable symbol to your brand. The symmetry just fails...


Staff member
Don't like it either, having said that I don't like the old one so you're refreshing an already poor design (in my opinion). It reads as 'uealqs' to me to.

The choice of font has a comic sans feel about it too and the image available seems pixelated.

I've got to say this does read more as a 'lets get our name out there type post too' as your website just seems a little unfinished to me - backgrounds not fitting my screen, not fitting the content, the spacing on the menu at the top etcl
I dont like it. (sorry)
The first 2 letters are ok, but I feel like the rest of the text is too far spread, the "ou" looks like a Q, I dont like the font nor the harshness of the colours and the dot on the J is way too high!

I think you should take out a pen and paper and sketch some new ideas and go from there!
Ditto, sorry :( it's good that you're refreshing it, but maybe play with it some more to make it more cohesive, or start from scratch. Even though I knew what it said, I found it difficult to read :(


sorry another person here who doesn't like it... really dislike the font, makes the logo too hard to read.. and the colours together dont look nice either :( sorry just my opinion :) completely agree with Levi on it looking like Comic Sans :( :eek:
Hey guys, just read the comments. Crikey! I guess that's what you get for posting a design logo on a design forum. I appreciate the constructive comments though.

I agree with HippySunshine - maybe I need to take a look at keeping the first 2 letters together and keep the 'o' and 'u' normal for legibility.

Not sure I agree with Comic Sans though?

Anyway, thanks for the comments guys maybe I'll take another look and post another version.
Steer clear of Comic Sans mate, I don't really think that was a recommendation.
I agree with the legibility issue. Keep it simple.

Looking forward to seeing next shot.
ha ha, don't worry I always steer clear of Comic Sans it's hideous!

Maybe my message was a little confusing "Not sure I agree with Comic Sans though?", what I meant to say was - I don't agree that it looks like Comic Sans.

Cheers Typo.


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Defo an improvement! - you can read what it is pretty easily now so you've got around the communication problem with the previous version.

Still not sure I'm sold on the j flowing into the e to be honest but each to their own! :)
ok, thats a start...
Not keen on the flat 'A' and 'L' with all teh rest of the letters being rounded.
Still dont like the colours
Still dont like the font
Still dont like the spacing
And still think it looks like Comic Sans!

Sorry, dont take it the wrong way, but its not my idea of great logo design.
Im not great at logo design myself, so I keep it simple until I know I can produce clever, unique designs!
No worries Hippy Sunshine, you can't please everybody, I guess it's down to personal taste.

We're happy with it now so that's the way it is.

Just to let you know the font is a modification of VAG Rounded (nothing like Comic Sans!)

Thanks for your comments.


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i like it but its one of those things i look at and want to sort out! kernings way off in my opinion, and the "designs" doesn't sit right, but i do get a bit ocd about that sort of thing. i agree with hippysunshine about the A and the L. in my opinion its not quite finished, doesn't need much but i wouldn't settle for it as is. i think also its the s in both versions making it look comic sans'ish more so in the first one!

its there just needs tidying up i recks. at the moment, im not jealous.

Colour certainly dont got together, and the look seems to be a little all over the place, no thought on kerning either buddy, try something a little me sleek and sharp ratherthan big and bold. What is jealous?


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I think a dark grey would go better with the orange than just pure black. I also agree that the tracking is too great, but it's definitely better than the old logo.


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I don't understand your branding, when you use substitution as a logo design technique you usually substitute it with something relevant. Jealous Design, what does this have to do with joining letters together. This to me, is something that I think you should always stray away from - it's confusing and has no logic in my opinion. It's putting form over function, where I think the balance between the two is what's ideal.

All make sense, each have an element that logically substitutes and perhaps makes better sense of the company's identity.