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A bit of inspiration

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by scwest, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. scwest

    scwest New Member

    Hi guys,

    My name is Chris and I'm a graphic design student at Staffs Uni.

    I was wondering if I could get some background to the design industry, what goes on on a day to day basis, the work involved, how you feel the industry is fairing in the current financial climate and basically your general views on graphic design.

    Any feedback would be greatly recieved.

  2. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    ooooh let me think.... teacher set a project....

    sorry but I'm of the view - join in first then I help
  3. another one.. blimey its like a rash...
  4. scwest

    scwest New Member

    Nice to know that people in the industry are such a brilliant help and that students have such a wealth of support off their peers when trying to develop their skills for future work
  5. balders

    balders Member

    participate......comment......have an opinion....share your views and become part of a industry by getting involved....but dont just rock up and fire off question hoping someone will contribute to your coursework, it doesn't work like that.

    If you have a look around you will see quite a few very simular questions from students who's first post is a question they have been set.

    Have they updated the mac suite in the A&D department at staffs univ yet?
  6. rossnorthernunion

    rossnorthernunion Senior Member

    You're at studying Graphic Design at uni and you're asking what goes on on a day to day basis, the work involved?

    Bit late to be asking that isn't it?

    Day to day, i work on various briefs for various clients across various sectors on various timescales. The work varies from web design visuals, identity creation, POS, print layout etc. Financial climate is crap, i got made redundant last year and am now like many making less money than this time last year and even less than the year before that. Clients want more for less money and expect it quicker, because they know that design agencies and ad agencies and studios and the like are struggling.

    General views on the Graphic Design Industry? Wish i'd taken up a trade, like an electrician, or a heating engineer. Yes the work would be ****e and no where near as fun but it pays more and has more long term security.

    This good enough?
  7. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    That's not really going to help you in getting help....
    We like to see effort from the poster first... your posts are all EXPECTING us to open help you while you give nothing in return... how often do you do that in your lessons... are you openly offering to do another persons project without getting anything in return...
  8. scwest

    scwest New Member

    Cheers that is a great help. By asking what goes on on a day to day basis wasn't asked as in general, I just wanted to get a broad view on how the smaller and larger companies schedules compare. Your opinions have been a great help and your views too. This isn't me trying to rack up some coursework score, just trying to prepare myself for work exp.
  9. scwest

    scwest New Member

    would you care for any help on matters regarding your work? I am open to giving support this was just my first post coming onto the forum

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