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49th Floor : A Short Introduction

In late 2007 we found ourselves pondering the ponderous nature of the many places we had worked in and decided to do something better. 49th Floor is a creative partnership which began from the smouldering ashes of our previous employment within big, bully-boy agencies.

Together with some highly trained (but sometimes worryingly emotional) squirrels from the nearby woods, an ounce of pluck and a whole heap of mirth we aim to take 'em all on at their own game and hit the big-hitters right in the blue-chips.

We are on twitter @49thfloor and if my designers guide to Shoreditch is correct, this makes us cool. If I was a gladiator I'd be 'Vector' and Andy would be 'Bitmap' however and sadly this makes us un-cool. Because one of us wears glasses though, you can rest assured that we're smart.

Please take a look at our site to see a little of what we've been up to: 49th Floor provides unique, fresh, creative and innovative graphic design in Luton, Bedfordshire It'd be really nice to know someone other than my mum and wife go on there from time to time. It's a great read, honest.