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4 Page Youth Charity Booklet - Feedback

Hi Graphic Design Forum users,

This is my first post here, so hello!

I'm after some constructive criticism on the first draft for a clients 4 page booklet.

The brief for the project is to create an information booklet for a programme run by a National Youth Charity.

The design needs to be eye-catching for a youth audience but also professional in its delivery of the information.

I've uploaded 2 jpgs showing the front and back and the inside pages.

The magenta line down the middle represents the fold.

I'd really appreciate the feedback of my peers on this :)





Staff member
Honestly I don't know what to say really.... the first thought when I saw it was literally meh.

It doesn't really say youthful to me, it's not vibrant/punchy enough for that while at the same time it doesn't seem professional enough due to same use of colours over everything.

Like I say it's a hard one to comment on really.

Paul Murray

Staff member
I actually like the design quite a bit, though I feel the purple is over-saturating the design a little and making it feel very dark (especially true of the images). I'd add in some white space and return the imagers to full-colour to lift the design a little.
Perhaps look at some use of the pattern on the inside (and maybe a bit less of it on the outside?!) as the inside spread doesn't
tie in (apart from colour-wise) with the outside