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365 Projects..

Is anyone else working on one this year? I had a quick look on the forum but couldn't see a thread, might be interesting to share links of what you're working on in here? :)
I've only really seen photography/doodle ones - but basically you take one photo a day/draw one picture a day for the year.

Would be good to see if there are any other than just photography/doodling!
I know someone that has just moved to Oz and doing a blog of his photography using this concept. It's a brill idea I reckon and good for his family and friends to get daily updates on him.

Would love to see other peoples work x


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What's wrong with doodling? ;)

Strictly speaking I'm already doing one, as I doodle every day. I just never keep them...


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If I kept them I wouldn't be able to get out of the house!

I used to keep all of them. Then one day I had a major chuckout and filled no less than 4 bin bags... These days I normally only keep the ones fit for a portfolio or that I just really like... and even then sometimes it's just a digital file.

I do have a lot of old doodles filed away on my shelf though.
I think I'm more likely to stick to it because I'm not just doing it for my own site. Although saying that I won't say there'll not be times where I'm emailing them in late.. ha :(


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I started a project similar to this a couple of years ago. The idea was one random picture taken on my phone & one word each day collated into a book. I ditched it after about 3 months as I'd started going out of my way to find pictures and that's not what the concept intended.