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30th anniversary gift ideas


Staff member
Ok it's my parent's 30th anniversary (pearl) coming up next month.
Any ideas what to get them as the only things I can think of are a nice set of cuffs and a necklace/ear rings for each - obviously using pearls, some sort of trinket box using pearl (saw a lovely japanese pearl inlayed box - crane images but thats over £200!) or a single pearl in a nice box.

I gave a silver photo frame with repaired and touched up photo of their wedding day as their silver wedding gift as their original was looking a little worn out (sepia toning never lasts :()

So any ideas - holidays/parties etc are out as this is coming from me and I want it to be a bit more of a keeper again.

I'm going to have a quick look round in town tomorrow but it's not as easy as the silver was :(


Staff member
it would take about 4 hours to get to the nearest store, we'd kill each other before getting there but thanks for the idea :)


Senior Member
My parents are around that neck of the woods too, I try and get them an experience rather than a present.

I got them tickets to a rugby game, they both like it. I got them a spa treatment, dad has a bad back and mother has arthritis in her knees so it was greatly appreciated.