25% Off Print Handbooks & Typographic Posters Are Now £4 (1 Week Only)


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Hello all,

We've put out a couple of offers recently that you might not have seen – they were sent to newsletter subscribers, but I thought I'd share them here as well. They're only around for 1 week though.

All A2 Metallic Ink Posters Are £4

We've done a little offer for anyone wanting to get a few Christmas presents sorted. You can see the posters here:


25% Off Everything (including Print Handbooks) – On Orders Over £200

This one is more suited to design studios and universities, unless of course you have a lot of designer friends.

The offer is 25% off any order over £200. But it's only for 1 week, and we don't do these sort of offers very often. It's actually better than what you would normally get for our bulk discounts.

The discount code is: 25%OFF-TSRC67


50p Gift Cards

Lastly, take a look at our greetings cards. These are 50p each.


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