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Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by NeonThunder, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. NeonThunder

    NeonThunder Active Member

    Bit of a Rant lol Mines started off crappy been told by the physio this morning that he reckons i may have torn a ligament in my shoulder :( then i get to the studio to be told the heating is not working again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then get to my room and can't open the door! Apparently the lock has a battery in it and the battery has gone flat??? So had to get someone to let me in and a special computer thingy now being told it be Monday till it's sorted.

    Apart from that its going ok.... Im going to book my holiday in a few weeks and I'm going to NEW YORK, NEW YORK!! also I'm only working till 4 then I'm off home to play some xbox and chill!!!!
  2. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    That sounds a bit shitty mate but onwards and upwards.
    New York eh?
    Sounds cool!

    I've started off again at the doctors.
    Bloods, bloods and more bloods. :(
    They think there may be something up with my brain but I could have told them that for nothing. ;)
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  3. NeonThunder

    NeonThunder Active Member

    Yep it is bit shitty, but like you said onwards and upwards :)

    Yeh told the we either get a place of our own (currently living with parents which isn't ideal) or big holiday. I told her not to worry about money etc as i've been saving and as i've put so much into my business etc its time to get something back for myself lol.

    So she's decided on New York then sort out a house lol

    Doctors does my head in! spent so much time there over the past 7/8 years!!!! due to my various medical problems lol I know how you feel, even the people on reception recognise my voice when i ring up lol.

    As far as summit up with the brain, lol i told them i was a nutter along time ago lol hence being on the pills in hope that i'll be semi normal lol

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