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2011 Holiday plans

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
Normally I go DAAAN SAAAAAAF! for some windsurfing but next year I have a great and burning desire to go to Spain, in particular... here

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmDhRvvs5Xw"]YouTube - El Camino del Rey [High Quality][/ame]


I was looking at a snow holiday, but the epic scale of that walk has overtaken my lust for adventure!

Any willing sacrifices to the mountain gods...err i mean fellow walkers/climbers planning similar trips for next year?

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
Nowt wrong with camping. If you're not planning on going to a camspite i can thoroughly recommend Loch Doon in Galloway Forest Park. Great drive up to it and a stunning place, also if the waters low you can see the rail line that they used to move targets along for bomber training. There's a litle tea shop with toilets and showers and some good walks in the forest