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2010 To Do

Hello everyone,

Does everyone create a to do list for the year up and coming, and then evaluate to see if they have met there targets? well I have done that this year, he is what I want to achieve in 2010...

- Start at least one startup website (WP Envy) - I am beginning a new startup selling premium wordpress themes, which can be seen at: http://www.wpenvy.com - Sign up to the newsletter for more information (Website will become live in February), so be sure to check it out.
- Attend at least one web design event
- Run a marathon
- Create an IPhone APP
- Release at least 10 themes this year with my new startup
- Go on holiday
- Blog more / Write more guest posts

These are just a few, what is on everyone elses to do list then?


Senior Member
I really only have two goals for 2010. To get over to England and both, to see my "sweetie" there, and get accepted at a University there to build on my outdated education. Both are equally important to me.:)
Get a parttime job, im still only 15 gping 16 in a month. That way i can pay for more weights and sipplements. Aswell as books for designing ( XHTML / CSS )

Get my portfolio site up and running with an auto blog to post latest graphics info from places.

Get into the college i want to for graphic design. So meaning get my grades.

Go back to swimming and swim in districts and nationals again.

Thats all i can think of atm im on my iTouch.


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Currently my list was motivated by getting annoyed at myself, I had been asked and offered to create a website for a club I am in but never got round to it, it was created ('badly') by someone else and so I missed the chance. Which was ideal for a portfolio builder (filler?) and a good practise as I had the content etc. already.


-Portfolio Website
-Personal Blog
-2 More Personal Websites
-2 Free Websites for others. With Full Documentation etc.
-Business Cards

Pass my Thermofluids & Heat Transfer Module

-Learn as much as possible about Information Architecture, Typography, Design & Development principles, CMS', Cognitive Psychology

That's all by the end of june though. Then I'l re-evaluate these goals.

But that's just a few of my goals I suppose.
My to do list for 2010 is:

- Hopefully enjoy working at Tesco.com
- Take more photos and get back into photography.
- Maybe start up my own website as a side project from my job, selling something random (don't know what yet...)
- Go to Las Vegas
- Go on a friends villa style holiday
- Do 5 scuba dives whilst on holiday and hopefully see shipwrecks
- Go camping in Croyde Bay with friends
- Read more rather than sit and browse in the evenings
- Move out by the end of the year
- Save up for said moving out!

mmm this list is quite long :(


Senior Member
Finish personal portfolio and Copywriting course by end of Jan.
Design something new every week - personal project (which will hopefully be viewable on my website)!
Get a new job.
Go to California.

Not too long!!


Create a superb personal portfolio..

Win at least 60 competitions in 99designs..

Learn coding..

Master Illustrator.

Totally stop using gloss effects


Staff member
- All I want to do is actually finish my revised business site, maybe with a collab or client download area.
- Considering a blog and twitter although I need to figure out whether I'd use it enough
- Learn PHP
- Tone up my physique, I've got lax and I'm getting close to needing a 36" waste (I set a limit that I wouldn't get to this size)
- Buy stuff in shopping list thread :)
-Realign my portfolio
-Go travelling in India again
-Increase my client base
-Start doing Yoga
-Get more into Graffiti again and paint some walls over the summer
-Get an Iphone
-Go to more exhibitions
-Learn basic Spanish


Get Married
Adopt a Dog
Get some Chickens
Finish setting up our allotment
Save money to put towards buying our first house :)
Finish 2 personal project websites that I have procrastinated about LOL

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head
-Get a full time job
-Get some savings on the go
-Promote my web design more
-Attend more music gigs/festivals and see more places/do new things
Decorate the living room, bedroom, study and hall
Travel to South Africa and take my Dad to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
Loose Weight (thats an obvious one)
Get Fit (goes with the above)
Read more, also read varying books not just girlie books
Do more cooking