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2 new wordpress themes


Junior Member

it's been a few months since i've posted on the forums here, and thought I'd re-visit with a couple new projects I've completed.

lately i've spent a good amount of time developing some new wordpress themes; i released them from siiimple.com gallery - and I thought I'd show them here as well!

first, I just thought I'd say that I tried to do something unique in the theme world. I've seen a thousand themes over the years and when I went to develop something I thought I would try to be a little different - hopefully I succeeded.

the first is a newspaper layout, fashioned after the New York Times (print version):

The Daily Grind wordpress theme

the second is a minimalist designed theme, which I, personally, enjoy designing most (and using) -

Miniml Press wordpress theme

You can download these at siiimple.com/blog

Hope you enjoy!