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2 monitors....


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I've recently been given the plug for my macbook and then weaseled out an old monitor from a friend, so I have gone to 2 screens, and not spent any money!!!!!!

I have already found it amazing for the amount freedom it has given me when navigating my way around files whilst working in photoshop. I can look for the right texture or other item x, whilst still having the original file open and handy. When coding, it meant I could preview what I was coding and still have all the right windows open.

Coda on screen one, chrome open on screen 2.

It's great! Who else uses 2 screens and why?
I have just started at Carbon Creative in the past 6 months and it is the 1st time I have used 2 screens and find it much easier. Thinking of setting 2 screens at home. I like the way I can have my main working area on one screen and all the other elements I need on the other.
I've got 2 22" screens i don't think ill ever be going back to one. When i work on my laptop when I'm travelling i keep trying to drag windows to a non-existent screen....


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Maybe it's the programs I use but I can't say I like working with 2 screens, I just prefer 1 bigger screen.... I tried it and I just kept ignoring the second screen real estate.


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SubScriptZero said:
I've got 2 22" screens i don't think ill ever be going back to one. When i work on my laptop when I'm travelling i keep trying to drag windows to a non-existent screen....
Thumbs up bud lol!!


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I can see the benefit of a massive screen aswell, but I only have to macbook, so I can't really get a bigger screen easily!

I must confess that having spaces set up on 2 screens is a little confusing. But after a bit of playing, it was awesome! I had photoshop in space 2, active file on screen 1 and files to use on screen 2. Space 1, internet on screen 1 and music on screen 2!


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I've recently ordered a second screen, have wanted a dual screen setup for years, and pretty excited to finally get it so I can complete my new home office.

Will post my findings/results! :D


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I have already started to suffer! I had my laptop on my lap, and not at my desk and I tried to move my mouse over to the next screen earlier!

Two 22" ADC Cinemas for me on the Big mac.

I've got the DVI thingy for the laptop but rarely use it but it is handy from time to time
I have had a 2 display setup in various forms for the last few years. Currently I have a BenQ 241W (24in 1920x1200) and a Sony KDL40W5710 (40in 1080p HD TV)
Admittedly this setup is now pretty inappropriate for professional use! I just use the BenQ monitor and use the TV for films mainly.

Without starting a war I personally think Windows performs better with multiscreen setups since the menu bar remains connected with the App, whereas on Mac it is fixed to the top of the primary display even if the app your using might be on the other display. Quite annoying having to move the mouse about 3000+ pixels to access a menu on the other screen.

If I was to buy a new setup I would probably get a 27in iMac as its 2560 x 1440 would mean I probably wouldn’t need another display.
I'm using a 27in imac and it's really good but I find it a bit laggy sometimes but I don't know if that's CS5 messing up everything but I'm not so sure as ical just crashed!


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Blasphemer, a Mac crashing? And a native application like iCal no less? Methinks there be a Windows Propagator in our midst!

But seriously, Photoshop can eat your resources if you don't restart every day or so, do you leave the mac on 24/7?
Nope not really I think it might be CS5 being a bit dodgy.
On the whole mac vs pc debate (lets not turn this into it!) I think there's not too much difference especially with windows 7 now. I really couldn't care what I use there's good and bad about both.