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1st dip into graphic design forums!!

Hi All!!!

I just wanted to introduce myself - :icon_smile:

My name's Vicki, this is the first graphic design forum I've joined :icon_biggrin: (as i would like to network more in my field) and I've been doing graphic design professionally now for coming up to 6 years - probably relatively new compared with others on the forum...

I love branding, logos, textured paper, packaging and beautiful typography - if anyone has any amazing websites to go and look at, it is always appreciated :icon_notworthy:

thanks for reading this!! Now to go and check out what you have all been discussing!!

Catch you all soon.... Vicki :thumb:
Hello, I'm new here myself. I'm sure there's lots here to interest you, and plenty of sites to while away the time when you should be getting something done ;)