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1st Digital Portrait!

great piece alpha. A few points of critique though to help you.

1) The hair strands are too thick, looks slightly stringy. Have you experimented with many brushes made for hair?

2) The skin tones seem to be quite off, or is she taking on the orange chav look (no offense intended). The skin tones around the ear seem to be spot on but the rest of the face and chest seems to have too many oranges and reds in it.

Other than those it's a great first piece.


Junior Member
Thank you for your words, i do agree the hair could be redone with a hair brush i should have done that in the first place!

this final outcome did end up somewhat oddly coloured i think i will do a minimal portrait edition as the back ground and this overall colour scheme was done at the end the original has much more colour realism i think.
i'll post it up when i get the opportunity!