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1st day @ my new job

Hi Guys,

I had my first day at my new job today was quite interesting! First day always is I guess. I got trough the day using my left hand lol, something interesting I found out was that Sky are releasing some new soon to there TV's now having all the packages they have they are releasing another beyond Sky + HD. the new system will be called
"Sky + 3D" :s we have to be trained all next week in selling both HD and 3D packages ready for it, should be great!

I was also on the forums this afternoon on my dinner break as they have a Cyber Cafe in the canteen!


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Sounds good Glen, heard something about 3D TV on the News the other evening, all set to be the new thing after HD isn't it?! I still can't quite see myself sitting in the front room with 3D glasses on, but I'm sure that was said about 3D films a few years back, and they seem to be growing in popularity!
glenwheeler said:
yeah it does, I saw Ice Age in 3d and went to see Final Destination which was decent be same old same old film.
I saw both of these in 3d aswell - ice age i didnt think used the 3d that well! I absolutely LOVED final destination! I think the 3d made the film. :)