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Hi guys,

Quick question related to wifi iPads, do you know if it's possible to plug a mobile in via USB and use tethering to get internet access on the iPad? I use my mobile in this way with a laptop whilst away from the office, but didn't know if it was possible with an iPad?



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orange san fran is an easy one to answer ... have you installed cyanogenmod or similar? ie removed the orange bloated version of android to a nice clean functional version - orange are know for ruining phone firmware

That should have the wireless hotspot feature built in.

If not there should be apps in the play store (or if you're prepared to root the device)

wifi tether app - requires root but is free
follow this for rooting and installing cyanogen in essence

As to the san diego (that's the new intel phone) - orange have basically screwed you on that one by locking everything down so if it's not in the settings then theres no option for wifi tethering.

You should be able to tether both using bluetooth though and usb tether should work with a pc but I can't say about an ipad - likely need tim to answer that one.

I know the ipad works using a wifi tether to another phone.


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you can't plug peripherals in for tethering on an iPad unless you jailbreak.

but you can still tether if your phone can also share it's network via WiFi (like the iPhone)

you cannot tether from an iPad either.


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yep, can't modify the dock connector input options without a jailbreak and whatever tweaks out there would work for that.