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100% Design

Just wondering if anyone has been or is planning to go? Its in Earls court till Sunday.

I went on thursday - on the opening day and actually was quite dissapointed with the whole trade design show experience! It just felt as though i could have googled everything that was there and it would have shown me all the information needed and I could have emailed them for samples.

Do any of you go to trade shows to make new contacts/find out about new products or do you rely on the internet?
I only ever go to web conferences normally. DIBI is a good one in the Northeast, never been to anything such as this one!

Did you manage to get any contacts from it?


Senior Member
Going to a conference, a tweet up, a UX bookclub, a UX book launch & signing, an unconference, in the next month :)
but not been to a trade show.
In the past all web based things I've been to have been awesome for making friends, even if just a couple of tweets trade places, it means you can get in contact with them regarding anything. Something that's a bit more "me me me" (I hear trade shows can be) would be less beneficial?