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    Help with Colours & Pantone

    Interesting articles but I think that you miss an important point about CMYK and Spots, in that if the printing is done litho it can be frugal to look at the artwork and decide what colours need to be printed. It does not always have to be one or the other or CMYK +1. People wanting 1, 2 or 3...
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    Print Business Marketing

    p.s. that was not a sales pitch like most other posts on this thread!
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    Print Business Marketing

    I would recommend spending your money on SEO software and doing the promotion yourself rather than giving 'SEO experts' your money! Just because they call themselves experts at SEO does not mean they would understand your business the way that you do. I use the free version of SEO...
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    Help with Colours & Pantone

    You get the silly lines due to transparency settings that are not backwards compatible. Make your Print PDF with one of the latest acrobat versions and this should resolve the issue. Even if it has to be a Pass4Press I still make up to date PDFs and have never had complaints. If you change...
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    Top 10 Applications and services for a graphic designer

    Cool post. How are you finding Pearl? I recently bought Sliq which is only £30 one off payment for life and seems to be working pretty well, about time I organised those things better!
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    Print Cost Markup

    Surely quality should be your no.1 aim as a designer? I would charge a reasonable hourly rate for the hours you put in getting the job printed for them. Like Boss Hogg said people want to save a £1, but then they find out it's printed on toilet paper which you can't even wipe your bottom with.
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    What's the best monitor for print?

    To be honest I would never get a client to sign off on colours! Just like monitors are difficult to calibrate so are humans, and everyones eyesight is different! The only proof is a wet proof, monitors and everything else can only get you in the ball park. I would go in order of...
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    Blogging and backlinks

    Depends on the link type. dofollow - yes nofollow - no Wordpress blogs are setup with nofollow. It is still a link but it will not pass page rank or link juice.
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    Tips for applying for design jobs.

    Hi, I don't think that small boutique design companies are hard to find. The problem is that they tend to be set up by several colleagues that worked at x y and z company and thought one day that they could do a better job than the agency they were working for. If they are not looking...
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    Tips for applying for design jobs.

    Hi, what kind of agencies are you looking for? I think it can take awhile to understand or appreciate the differences. Which industry are you looking for work in: design, advertising (above the line), marketing (below the line), magazine, publishing, digital... etc If you are...
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    £600,000 offered to rebrand London

    Absolutely - they have budgets to spend, and if is not spent they don't get the same next year! The Government has always been a real cash cow for ad and marketing agencies as they tend to write blank cheques - but that's all set to change in the next budget as the Government has to make big...
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    Raster Images vs Vector Images: An Explanation

    As an experienced artworker I thought it may be worth mentioning that vector files can have a threshold of complexity for usable file sizes. An extremely complicated .ai file can easily be over a 200mb in size, and will have issues printing properly as it can kill the RIP. It can also make...
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    Windows vinyl artwork

    Depends what type of decals you are after. You can screenprint/digital print bitmaps onto see-through vinyl and supply a cutter guide. O,r if you have vector artwork in 1-4 colours the sign makers will cut this out of the vinyl using an adapted plotting machine.
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    Tips for applying for design jobs.

    I don't know what your work situation is at the moment, but I have found in the past that offering yourself for free for a week might get your foot in the door if you really really really want to work there. I think that often hiring and firing is more to do with personality, such as working...
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    £600,000 offered to rebrand London

    Seeing as they have no money in the kitty maybe they would be better off with just LONDON in a nice sans serif, or I guess they could just let a few more hospitals and schools close instead.