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    foil blocking job

    Tony Hooper doesn't have a website, he's old school like that, but I can assure you that his portfolio in foil blocking, embossing & debossing is second to none.
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    foil blocking job

    There's no problem with blocking onto newsprint paper. Tony Hooper in London is the master of foil & block printing, embossing & debossing, matt, satin, gloss. 45 years experience - Tony Hooper c/o
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    Large Format Printing

    Media Mill in Oldham know what they're doing. Great range of materials, solvent based inks, quick delivery & good pricing Roller banners, Exhibition Stands, Banner stands, Display Stands, pop up stands and display graphics UK, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Manchester, north west, oldham, rochdale, shaw
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    Looking for quality printer with competetive price for small graphic design company..

    The lovely thing about modern large format printing, is that is all comes in a nice neat roll and is delivered next day throughout the UK, so it shouldn't matter that they're in or around London. Hence Ian at Media Mill in Oldham have always reproduced our large format digital images with...
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    Looking for a printer to do short runs for wedding stationery

    For block & foil printing, embossing the master is still at work. Tony Hooper has 45 years experience in graphic productions, but isn't the type to sing from the roof tops about it. Still working in central London, he's just done another run of business cards for us: matt black & satin white...
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    DTG Printing?

    Avoid DTG (Direct to garment) printing, it's terrible, lifeless colour and brittle ink when it comes to washing. We bought a top of the range DTG for small runs last year, it was sold after 2 months. Even for small runs (under 50 units) screen printing is still the most reliable way to go!
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    So called "designers"

    Crack Copy Designers We call them Crack Copy Designers, our inbox is full of them, promising the next big thing. Thankfully we're in the print & die side of the trade, so we can see them coming & filter them off into the stewing pot. That said, natural talent sometimes shines through...
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    Looking For T-Shirt Printers

    Stop the Press! T-Shirt Printers We use Stop the Press! Screen Printers. They can tell a professional job from your artwork, so they're more likely to do bespoke t-shirt printing, one offs & product testers (which we use a lot, then go into production.) It's expensive for the screen...
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    What's the best monitor for print?

    What monitor? It's common thinking that the old Apple style (on G4 range) monitors are the best. Whether it was for photo retouching, illustration or video, these displays are still top notch. They came in 15" , 17" and 22" , the latter still fetching £800- £900 on eBay when they do...
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    T-Shirt Printing?

    T-Shirt Printing We found Stop the Press! T-Shirt printers 07891 103 350 | London 020-7099 2519 | Glasgow 0141-530 8755 on FreeIndex last year, they're a small screen printers in London and they turned around a small job for us very quickly and with excellent results. We've used them several...