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    What should I charge?

    Just been working on a business card for myself - taken 2-3 hours at least due to playing with colours, fonts, style etc.
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    Be gentle its my first forum experience!

    Love your dragonfly circus logo :icon_smile:
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    Impressed (I think)

    Near top of page 3 for me
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    Design for Print / Web Design

    Still looking for some extra work if anyone is interested :icon_smile:
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    Design for Print / Web Design

    I am currently looking for some Freelance work. If you’d be interested in getting some designs done I would be only too pleased to help. I can also recommend good printer services to get the work printed but you of course can use whoever you like. Payment would not be taken until you are...
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    Fictitious Logo Brief Required Please

    You definatly have something to work from there - I think I would make the fork and knife the same height though to give it more balance. I'm no logo designer though so others will probably have better advice for you :icon_smile:
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    Getting Married

    Congratulations Boss :icon_smile: My Fiance and I got engaged in June 08 - just doing the saving side of things now before setting a date.
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    Logo Design Required

    Sorry but only wanting to pay £10 for a logo is a bit of an insult really. I have done stuff for free in past although mainly design for print but clients always give a testimonial and give me further work which they do pay for. If you are on here asking for someone to do you a logo and someone...
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    Hello All!

    Welcome Lisa - do you have an online portfolio or anything to let us see you work? Oh and don't be scared - everyone is really frindly here :icon_smile:
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    Hello Graphic Designers, I'm The New Guy I Guess...

    Welcome to the forums - nice intro.
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    :icon_lol: I do that too till the security guard starts looking as if to say this ain't a library - so I go and buy it
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    I've started getting Computer Arts - glad its only once a month as its £6 but has some great information in it.
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    Hello From BS-Media

    Welcome to the forums
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    Best name for a product ever?

    haha thats awesome
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    Website graphics needed

    Really like the shark illustration - great work there.