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    Well I think its best to start with... Hello

    Just to give you some insight about me. I’m 23yrs old, currently working as a marketing assistant in Lancashire. I don’t mind the work, however I’m surround by shall we say less creatively minded people. It becomes a bit disheartening when you spend X amount of time on a design. Only to have it torn to shreds, I understand that criticism is all part of design process and it is essential to grow and become better. But there are times were I just feel like a 'Mac Monkey' with no real say. So I have decided to start doing freelance work again. I have put together a few mock up BC designs with logo and working title ‘SAVVY’ to get started. As I said criticism is essential, so it would be appreciated if you could look over them and tell me what you think. Also I would be grateful if you could recommend any kind of print finishes, colours or papers to use. I was thinking of some kind of texture uncoated 350ish GSM paper, with either spot UV, foil or maybe both.

    Hope the link worked!

    Many Thanks & Merry Christmas
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