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    Sources of Inspiration

    Reform & Revolution / R² Dropular : Media Bookmarking ?
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    I guess. Hi.
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    Bold Caps font

    here's a few more for you to look at: Big Boned - Network Osaka > Portfolio 2007-2009 > Big Boned PTF Nordic Rnd - PTF Nordic Font | PTF Nordid Std - PTF Nordic Std Font | Old Sans Black - Old Sans Black Font |
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    Which is worse? Too much? Or too little?

    it's definitely better to have a few words that say a lot than a lot of words that say nothing. a web presence should build trust and focused & well written text really helps in that arena. as many have already said: communicating with the client from the start is the best strategy. in your...
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    Lads, I Need Your Help

    fred: sounds like an aggravating situation. have you thought about showing him the CSS Zen Garden? it's quite an effective example of the power of tableless design. that being said, i've had similar situations to this one and sometimes the best option is just to let them have it. it's important...
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    Hey all, really liking the look of this place - congrats. Just a bit about myself: my name is Ryan and I'm a design anthropologist - that is, I look at design from an ethnographic perspective. I'm addicted to typography, style, music, Berlin, and mountaineering...I've also got an unhealthy...