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    A5 Double Gatefold mockup

    Hi Can anyone please point me in the direction of a good mockup PSD of an A5 double gatefold mockup please?But one where the gatefolds are half the width of an A5 page or at least a mockup where I could adjust this size? I am struggling to find anything for my requirements. I am a Graphic...
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    Monitors for Graphic Design

    Hi can anyone recommend a good monitor for Graphic Design. I need to get one to plug into my Mac Book Pro. Something either 24 or 27inch. As usual there are so many but unsure what to go for? I am trying to do it on a budget. if possible between £200 - £300. I know you can pay beyone £1000...
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    Online Graphic Design Courses

    Hi Printing and web design in general, so I want to learn the basics and up so more the fundamentals of Graphic Design, colour Theory, Typography, Print, Photography etc etc. Cheers Rob
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    Online Graphic Design Courses

    Hi all I am looking to train in Graphic Design but don't have the time or money to go back to Uni and have been researching online courses. The best two I have found are the below: and GRAPHIC DESIGN COURSES Has anyone ever used them or had...
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    Carry On Film Font

    Thanks for replying. Here is a link to a poster for the Carry On films that I am referring to. CARRY ON CALENDAR, CARRY ON FILMS CALENDARS, Calendar Toy Action Figure Poster Picture Game Standup UK Cheapest Also I googled the film posters, here is a link below. If you know of any font...
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    Carry On Film Font

    Hi all I am looking for a font very similar to the font used for the 60's/70's Carry On films title. Its a comic style font but I want to find the closest match. Does anyone know if it exists? Kind regards Rob