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    New here, check out my work

    Hi Guys, I haven't been on here for a little while so I thought I'd make a quick post. I've been working on a comic book adaption of one of my favourite authors, you can see the story so far here. There's a bit of colourful language but its all neccessary. Lots of the frames need redrawn and the...
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    New creature illustrations

    These have been put together in photoshop, normaly I'd do a handrawn sketch first but not here. On the frog lobster monster i used some photos of frogs and toads overlaid them on top, erasing the bits I ndidn't need. I downloaded a fur brush for the baboon minotaur, it was part of a set. I'll...
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    Illustrator Agencies, Directories etc...

    Hi Scotty I took a look through your website, the work is great. If you're looking to promote yourself how about a link exchange, its a good way of increasing your websites visibility to search engines. My site is , let me know if you fancy swapping links. Thanks Roddy
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    Looking for designers to showcase

    Hi Konrad Check out my website big-tiger , if you're interested in featuring my stuff give me a shout. Thanks Roddy
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    New here, check out my work

    Hi Guys I'm new to this forum so I thought I'd say hi. Currently I work as a front end web developer and designer, so I use a lot of PhotoShop and do a lot of coding. Originally I went to art school and studies drawing and painting, my dream was always to be an illustrator but I thought it...
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    Jeff Parker Illustration

    Great work, a diverse range of styles. Do you use illustrator/photoshop or both. I'm always curious if people start out by handdrawing first or if they do it all digitally?
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    New creature illustrations

    Hi I'm new here, thought i'd post a couple of recent works. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks