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    What Have You Been Taking Pictures of Lately?

    This condominium in tampa
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    Portfolio Logo Help

    Hi Nick, I would say, play with it more, turn your signature into a masterpiece, dont be scared to venture down new avenues. It took me a bit to find the "n" in your signature because my brain kept associating it with a check mark. Did you mean for it to be that abstract? Does it really...
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    I have just purchased a iMac, I want to design a logo for my business

    Totally off topic but when you mentioned the wacom it made me think of the mouse that I'm using for all of my in-program shortcuts for the Adobe suite. It's the Razer naga, with 12+ programmable buttons that guaranteed speed up your workflow.
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    Newbie question

    If you have any programs that can open and save the file, you should be able to save/export it out as a .eps or .png with a transparent background.