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    The Furious Thread of Rage!!

    Ah, right, didn't fully grasp the situation (sorry...) That being said, I still think that they're taking liberties, and the argument that you'll have to deal with it in the real world is a crappy argument! Can you not hand this off to another student on the course so that they can get in on...
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    The Furious Thread of Rage!!

    Oh HELL NO! Walk away, walk away now.
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    The Furious Thread of Rage!!

    Actually, I'm pretty sure that you can. They've just changed a fundamental aspect of the brief on you (arguably the fundamental aspect...) At this stage, if they're not paying you any more then I don't see why you shouldn't: 1. Tell them that this is outside the original brief 2. Explain...
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    The average cost of design per hour....

    By gum, he's right! Whenever I want cheap, shitty, mass-produced knockoffs that won't last more than one use, I head directly for Poundland! The issue that people are trying to highlight here is that bargain basement design cheapens the whole industry, because it creates a perception that...
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    How quickly do use guys normally need your print

    As a reseller, I'll give the client the following: You can have it: 1. Fast 2. Cheap 3. Good You can have any two of the above at the same time. End of story. Being the fastest out there is grand, but you need to be aware that this makes you the last resort for most people. As in: "I fucked...
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    Guys, guys. According to his bio this kid's 13... I'm not saying patronise him and pretend you like what he's done here, but for goodness' sake, would it hurt that much to be less aggro about it?
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    I went to Poland, it was awesome.

    Poland is a beautiful country. Personally I couldn't deal with any of the camps when I visited (my uncle was in Dachau, which obviously has no impact on me personally at all, but which does make it a bit freaky), but the rest of the country was gorgeous.
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    Thoughts on Resellers buying print overseas?

    Hello Iain, As a fellow reseller, I hope I can help. This exact situation happened to me, happens to me now, and will happen to me long into the future. Printbar buys British. And we will only buy British for as long as we operate. That's not out of some misguidedly jingoistic standpoint...
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    Cold Calling clients?

    Yeah, it's great when it works. But for every person that admires your balls (in the least sexual way possible) there'll be 99 who think you're a prick (again, in the least sexual way possible). That being said, sometimes you've got to go big or go home. Last week I came within an ace of...
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    Looking for quality printer with competetive price for small graphic design company..

    See that, kids? That's a smack down! Well, it made me laugh.
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    Cold Calling clients?

    There's a third thing: common sense. You presumably know what would and wouldn't work on you, and that should be a guideline. When I was involved with another start up a few years back one of the guys running it insisted that everyone needed to be making cold calls - finding out what...
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    Printer in Dorset - Hello!

    Hi Daniel, Welcome to the forums. I'm sure you'll have much to contribute! --PB
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    Logo help!

    Fair enough. I retract my defence.
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    Logo help!

    In fairness, not 100% sure the guy was asking for a freebie. Doesn't mention a budget, no, but doesn't say he won't pay either. So didn't follow house rules, but I kinda feel like throwing him straight to the dogs is a little harsh...
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    regular short run, fast turnaround

    How we all doing on this one, Dave? And Pete, what've you been lecturing on?