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  • Graphic Designers are pigeon holed into being typeface drive when creating posters; anything which strays away from this is ostracized and not seen as Graphic Design.
    Whose to determine whether a piece of visual communication is Graphic design? After all if I asked you to name one poster you have seen recently which you remembered or held your interest – most would say….? (thought as much ha).

    I, personally have a difference in opinion. Having typefaces hold so much responsibility within a piece of design leads to a mist of complacency within designers, you might think ‘yes’ the type looks nice but the overall design tends to be forgettable when viewed by society as they care more about what’s written and the overall message gained, more so than if you chose to use Helvetica over Gill sans.

    Yes some Graphic designers will hold the pompous views that being an intelligent designer = so forth but times are changing.
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