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    Cinema 4D - Opinions

    I've tried several times, they are all a nightmare. I've seen fantastic work done in cinema 4d, it takes perseverance and a little bit of ocd.
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    Mac G5 problem? Anyone had this experience.

    There is no need to shut down, all the maintenance things the mac needs to do are done automatically. You can put it to sleep if you want, or set it to auto sleep at a set time. The loud fans on a G5... there are a couple of reasons for this one that is easily fixable, one that is less so...
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    Health and Safety in the Studio

    Sharps bins are a good idea. Blades and coffee mugs don't mix.... I used an upturned spraymount lid for years. Nothing wrong with that, tape two together when finished, bin. Job done.
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    Health and Safety in the Studio

    Oh, I totally agree. However, last year they implemented a locked box regime for blades. Net result... people change blades less often because it is a hassle to go and get one. You try and tell people, but oh no.... 'elf and Safely...
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    Health and Safety in the Studio

    So absolutely no one has been told to or wears safety gloves? Please can I have a show of hands.... (no pun intended). :) It would help me to demonstrate some numbers.
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    ISO 9001 - opinions needed please.

    As always, will have paperwork coming out of your wazoo. However they try to sell it to you. Avoid if possible. Slows every dept down with needless box ticking.
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    Health and Safety in the Studio

    Thanks for the reply DS. The main reason I asked was... our ES (Elf and Safety) dept has suggested we wear safety gloves when cutting! I'm trying to see if anyone else has had such a request and how they fought it.
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    Freelance Artworking

    Haven't freelanced in a while, since about 2000. Back then I was getting between £20 and £35 and hour depending on the client. Have been charged about £20-30 ph by agencies within the last 5 years for freelancers.
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    Print Machinery? They resell presses so you might get some info there.
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    Printing on enamel, HELP!

    Another option might be to print onto waterslide media. Heck back in the day I remember a friend redoing Grandfather clocks with Letraset. You don't want to know what he did to age the dials.
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    Head wall banging

    I like 60c 100k myself.... :icon_biggrin: THE WAY IT'S ALWAYS BEEN DONE 1. Start with a cage containing five apes. In the cage, hang a banana on a string and put stairs under it. Before long, an ape will go to the stairs and start to climb towards the banana. 2. As soon as the ape...
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    Head wall banging

    Totally the same boat. Unfortunately, there are frequently parts of the chain that suffer from the 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing' model. How many times have you been 'instructed' to supply a PMS when the job is to be printed in process by some know it all (know nothing) rep...
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    Health and Safety in the Studio

    What do you, or you company do about minimising scalpel cuts in the studio/office. I'm of the opinion that they are a bit of a natural part of the job. It is almost inevitable that you will cut yourself from time to time. In fact even with 'the talk', I find that young designers I've taken on...
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    Hello ANOTHER introduction!

    Hi there, New here, have been a designer for 20 years, from B2B to DM for ISP's, and now packaging consumer products. Hope to pick your brains on a few subjects! MrFusion