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  • Hi Michael,

    I'm interested in the printer. Just need to understand a bit more so as to be sure what's being offered.

    Where are you based? (ie. so I can work out transport costs - I'm SS55LT)
    Are the inks original No81 and No83 or 3rd Party
    Apart from the 6 heads in the machine, do you have any still sealed heads - or are the others part used in the head carriage?
    Could you run an engineers report for me to see the "mileage" it's done? (I can talk you through it if you're not familiar with it.) These machines run forever, i have two already, but certain parts give up and have costs attached. The "mileage" and your comfirmation re: any parts you've replaced would be really helpful.


    Hudson Display Services Ltd
    01702 232500
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