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    App...titude for Digital Marketing

    I just wanted to get a general consensus for how people use digital marketing. We’re all aware of growth of the Apple iPhone and how they have completely transformed the future of mobile applications. The number of iPhone users grew by over 150% between January and November 2009 (Admob, 2010)...
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    Moving ASP Website to New Host

    Thanks for the replies! We already have the hosting capability, I just need someone to physically move the site and (if necessary) configure the database setup. Thanks again!
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    Moving ASP Website to New Host

    I have a new client who would like to have their ASP website moved to a new hosting package. I have no experience with ASP websites and am unsure of how to go about migrating the site files and database as I assume it's more complex than simply FTP'ing the site to a new location. Anyone...
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    Leaflet printing quote

    Hi, I've just sent you a PM Kind regards Andy
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    designer for local paper

    Hi, Sounds like an interesting project. I will send you a PM with details about our costs etc. Regards Andy
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    So called "designers"

    I know what you all mean it is so frustrating. We have recently had to convince a client (a family business) that the website the family accountant put together would not reflect their brand as well as a professionally designed website. In response to our quote, they responded by copying...
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    New Portfolio Website

    Hi Mark, I think it is a lovely looking website and does what you want it to do. I'm please to hear you are looking to go with a multipage site. It will look and feel a lot better and a lot more professional compared to the single page approach. Unfortunately I'm with Tim and Oz, I think...
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    finding a website

    A for me. Unless we were looking at the optimisation of the site and then it would be B or C. So it may depend on why you were given the business card! Lighthouse Design & Marketing
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    a new website just launched, critique please

    Hi, The site looks okay. If anything I'd increase the line height or reduce the size of the text slightly. At the moment the lines look a little too close and it makes it a little uncomfortable to read. Other than that it is simple, clean and you can easily find the accomodation Andy...
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    Bank Base Rate Announced

    Hello, Interesting figures. Where do you all think it will go in the future? It is obviously impossible to predict. We've just secured our mortgage for 4 years at a great rate but i don't know if we have secured it too soon. Although there are green shoots in the economy and the housing market...
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    Website for a look

    Hello, The balance of colour and white space is okay and the colours you've used make it a fun, bright site. However, I'm afraid it just doesn't look like a professionally designed site. As per Chris 17 comments, the header is too big. The random transitions between graphics on the homepage...
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    Urgent design needed

    Hi, I've sent you a PM Cheers Andy
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    New Site Design

    Hey Chris, I like the colour scheme, your logo and the simplicity of the layout. I agree with the other guys, I'm not a fan of scrolling (or automatic scrolling). People tend to get bored of scrolling and you're definately doing the right thing by going to a multipage site. The other thing i...
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    When Good Logos Go Bad

    That is funny... Check out these others...don't shoot the on earth could you approve such a design for a logo! Here is a taster... Check others out at: Top 5 most inappropriate logo designs | Swollen Pickles Lighthouse
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    Is Flash really that bad????

    Hi, Simplepop...i really like your flash blog. It has a good look and feel to it...a little more fun compared to other blogs I've seen. I know search engines can extract text from web but how is it in comparison to html/css based websites? How long did it take you to create the blog? We tend...