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    What to do in client meetings ???

    Seems like this solution is what I have been looking for www.pinstriped. com You can design your own interface that hides all the crap. No cleaning up before each meeting :)
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    Naming Help or Direction for Restaurant

    Have you asked the client whether they can somehow define what they don't like about the names? That info can potentially help you in regards to an alternative direction.
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    What to do in client meetings ???

    Thanks for the comments guys. Someone once mentioned something to me about a program that works as a customized/personalized interface that you can put on top of mac/pc. Lot simpler, displaying your brand and great for client meetings. Just don't remember the name. Does it ring a bell with anyone?
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    What to do in client meetings ???

    Well Berry, leading the client along a rigid presentation showing him what you want him to see, is one way. Another one is asking questions about their needs, their business, etc. and then show them whichever jobs and cases that are most relevant to their potential needs. And in regards to your...
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    What to do in client meetings ???

    Sounds like a lot of work to have to do prior to each client meeting. Thank for your input guys. The thing is that in my experience it is hard to plan client meetings. Suddenly they want to see something else, the conversation takes you in a different direction, or if you really listen to the...
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    What to do in client meetings ???

    I work with branding, design and visual identity, and consider myself a professional. In contrast to this I do not feel particularly professional and that I "practice what I preach", when I open my laptop in client meetings. Sharing menu bars, notifications and my desktop with clients and...
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    Clients From Abroad

    Have a lot of experience with clients all over the world. The difference being that I take 30% upfront, 30% 3/4 into the job and 40% on delivery. You can most probably find the SWIFT code on your banks website or if you Google it
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    My latest Showreel . :D

    Some wise peeps told me that showreels shouldn't last longer than 1 min. That apart, impressive reel :)