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    5 Reasons Why Your Graphic Designer is Not Performing

    same! my ipod is like my life!
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    Kerning game

    This was a really good exercise, I'm pretty happy with the 77/100 :)!
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    Which Browser Do You Currently Use?

    Firefox is for me! :) it seems to work best for website back offices, which i primarily used for my job. And its just kind of stuck
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    Wolves At The Door

    We've stopped answering the home phone because of the amount of cold calls we get. Although my dad likes to be the really strange person on the phone, i.e just replying "no" to everything they say. Or answering the phone "Hello Malkin's Crematorium, You kill um, we grill um" ...... Normally the...
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    Well Hi there!

    yeah that pretty much sounds like the company i worked for. I did a show guide for them and had to keep stopping and starting because they didnt have the content for me (took 6 months to complete due to lack of communication). Then they took it off me and gave it to another designer who doesn't...
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    Well Hi there!

    Thanks for the advice! I'll make sure i'll keep it on the side! And yeah i agree Alex, my CV looks beautiful haha.
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    Well Hi there!

    Firstly sorry for the long reply! didn't see the comments and yeah it's kinda of stupid really. The company i work for is in a word... terrible. ( and i was actually fired last tuesday for being signed off for 4 weeks with Severe Work Related Anixiety. All because my boss couldn't be bothered...
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    Have you seen the Rebrand?

    i really like the new rebrand, it's a little bit more grown up. The company i work for has been dealing with them, so i knew about this a few weeks ago! but i think its a great idea and looks better than the old logo :)!
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    Well Hi there!

    Thank You all for such a warm welcome!
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    Well Hi there!

    Haha! Yes i will! 3 years of a uni Course! But im really looking forward to it!
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    Well Hi there!

    Helloo Everyone! Firstly i just want to say, i Love this forum! I've had a browse around and your all awesome! I can tell i'm going to have some fun here! Alittle bit about me, Well i'm 19 and i've been working as "Designer and Website Manager" for a company near Manchester for about 10 months...