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    Trying to figure out how to do an effect

    hahaha had me there like
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    Need advice

    website is class!
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    logo design for US friend.

    do you think a graphic tablet is needed?
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    Looking for Critque on Logos

    that archi one is sick!
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    logo design for US friend.

    would never ask a mate for money or anyone at this stage im at, im not good enough to start charging people yet. unless you want a logo ? £10?
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    Just a MAC question

    Oh right, so i cannot see any of your work? being in the trade for 20 years you must have some experiance, why would you not want to show it off?
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    Just a MAC question

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    Just a MAC question

    Ahhh i get it. this is off topicm but do you have a portfolio of your work? just interested in checking out other people stuff.
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    Just a MAC question

    a silly question, but why does everyone seem to push towards a MAC and not windows within designing? are thay faster? im using a mac now and its fucking annoying! only just started getting used to windows photoshop. think im gonna change back haha.
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    logo design for US friend.

    ok. i asked for a website tho.
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    logo design for US friend.

    Okay thanks, so what website can i use thats FREE and also use for commercial?
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    logo design for US friend.

    hello, i do NOT promote the recreational use of marijuana, this is for a freind who lives in a LEGAL state in america. i made this in about an hour, and YES its in photoshop. litterally because im still learning trying to figure different things out. so ye what do youse think? any feedback is...
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    need help / opinions?

    yo, by any means i am NOT promoting piracy for sofware, i have the FULL un pirated version of photoshop & illustrator that i pay for each month. and will continue to pay for each month. im just wondering what are the consequences of having cracked versions of the software? a few designers i...
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    I have just purchased a iMac, I want to design a logo for my business

    Ive found this forum interesting over the past few days, i know this is a very old thread but after seeing 'hanks' comments and 'levis' comments its made me turn me head! very sarcastic and it was asif they were looking down on the poor fella. there meant to be 'moderators' aswell. its a no from...
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    What are your thoughts on this Ganjifa Card Design ?

    how did you get good at it? do you draw the basic design first or go straight into it?