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    The Ultimate Film Thread

    Last ones I saw were Real Steel and In Time, both of which I really liked :)
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    Happy Birthday Berry!

    My spidey senses were tingling so I figured I'd stop by DF. And whad'ya know, it's Berry's birthday! Sure I'm 3 days late but seeing as he hasn't arrived at his own party yet I'll be fine :)
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    Your Desktop

    Why do you have launch shortcuts for Adobe? That's kind of what the docks is for :blink:
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    Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

    Happy new year, best wishes for 2012 and more of that good stuff :)
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    Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

    Seasons greetings from Belgium! (xmas)
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    Help fill up my wishlist

    Thanks, and I do need some new clothes, but that's usually what I get for christmas :P
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    Help fill up my wishlist

    It probably wouldn't last longer than a week :P
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    Help fill up my wishlist

    I'm clueless as to what to ask for for my birthday (and Christmas) :confused:
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    6000 posts

    Already on 6001... I missed your glorious moment :( Quick, delete some posts!
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    Do you consider yourself intelligent?

    Yeah really... how do people actually find topics like this? Do they just skip to page 24 or something and start posting? :blink:
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    Happy birthday to Tom Stutt!

    Might not be shown here on DF but I'm an avid twitter lurker! I made this for you, pinky swear :rolleyes:
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    My Google Chrome has Amnesia

    Sure it's an inconvenience but Chrome will relearn it of course
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    I love DF, its great for problem solving.

    It's good to have you back man :)
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    Best html template for a blog?

    Wordpress offers a lot of free themes that only require some clicking to get set.
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    Website Feedback please

    You can't take a good look at your work because you don't provide bigger views. On some pages the line length is too long, and sometimes the footer sticks a bit too close to the content. Other than that it's clean, but bland and unexceptional; nothing I've never seen before.