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    Needing help with image wordpress saving for the web

    Hi, hopefully this is the correct area to post this thread. I've been having alot of trouble when uploading an image to a wordpress website. the image is pretty big it's 2808 x 848. The reason for this is i was told that using the double the amount of pixels looks better on high resolution...
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    indentify this font please

    anyone recognize this font? sorry i know its not much to go by. i don't think it's custom.
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    tips on image quality

    Hey everyone. looking for some tips on how to save images properly so that im getting the best quality when i upload them online. when i create something on Photoshop i save my images as JPEG, and my photo resolution is usually the default from PS. my images always look blurry and low quality...
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    Intellectual property/ copyright

    Hi Guys Thanks for feedback, you've pretty much confirmed what i thought anyways... lesson learned for next time.
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    Intellectual property/ copyright

    First of all apologies if i haven't posted this in the appropriate place, still new to forum and haven't mastered the navigation. So im looking for some advice regarding intellectual property, i was emailing with a potential client and i showed him a rough idea of a logo for his band. he got...
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    Please Critique Web Design Mockup

    Hi the biggest change i'd make is your colour scheme, simply because you've tagged the words "bold" and " dominating" and the beige background does not strike me as either. As for your aesthetics, theyre very basic but considering the theme of the website your approach may the job done, however...
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    I have just purchased a iMac, I want to design a logo for my business

    Sorry to bring this back up but can i just say Hank and Levi's responses to this post would really discourage myself and other beginners like me from posting. And what's more alarming is they have the power to silence these type of posts being moderators. just doesn't seem fair.