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    Online Background Removal tool.

    Seems to only work with people and products. I tried uploading a photo of an eagle and it wasn't having it.
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    Do you manage print for your clients?

    Having worked in the print industry for many years I've seen huge amounts of money lost and significant cashflow issues. If I go it alone and do graphic design as a freelancer, I'm wary of getting into this problematic area. Does anyone manage print as a graphic designer? If so, how do you go...
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    What happens to artwork when design company closes?

    Thanks Scotty. I suppose a 'handling and packaging fee' might be a palatable expression?
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    What happens to artwork when design company closes?

    This is a possibly hypothetical question. I'm looking into my options if I walk away from my business (for various personal reasons). I have over 15 years of artwork on file, of which a fair bit is still in regular use. Most of you will have taken on jobs which has resulted in the client...
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    I'm struggling please advise.

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    Where to buy street maps?

    Does anyone know of any sources for good quality street maps that can be printed at high resolution? I'd be looking for specific towns and areas. Thanks.
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    Whether to break a long email address across two lines?

    I've already suggested this, citing the potential problems in the future. They're a bit stuck in their ways.
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    Whether to break a long email address across two lines?

    Here's one we've done recently. I'm going to be worried when Nicole Prascovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger wants some business cards.
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    Should I back off from this design work?

    I think we've all done projects over the years where you grow to hate the project due to the client's enforced input. You end up just doing what they want so that you can move on and get paid. It's maybe best to say that you feel a simpler design would possibly work better, but you'll do it...
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    Why were the baker's hands brown? Because he was kneading a poo.
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    Networking group: BNI - worth the fee?

    Think you're right there.
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    Networking group: BNI - worth the fee?

    I was a member of a local branch of BNI for a couple of years and think it has its advantages and disadvantages. However, it can depend on your personality and the other members in the group. It's true that they only allow one person per industry. However, there is a lot of crossover; i.e., a...
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    Anyone know how to do this?

    Hi Deep, Thanks for that, but I was wondering about the process involved before looking into hiring someone. Ideally I'd like to do it myself. (y)
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    File conversion workflow ideas

    Thanks for that, but it's pretty easy to bypass the password; I have to do it quite often. I need a more 'belts and braces' approach and would rather go down the JPG route.
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    File conversion workflow ideas

    I had a client who I used to send PDF proofs for each job. Unfortunately, we lost the tender which was given to a different designer. They sent these PDFs to the new designer who just amended them and charged full price for designing from scratch. To prevent this from happening again, what I...