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    Clients from Hell

    Well, here's the follow up from this morning. It actually went okay. They spoke to me about what they were looking for, sat in another room until I had done some of the work and then came through for me to talk them through it. Pretty much finalised the design. I think they've been burnt before...
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    Clients from Hell

    I'm sure there aren't many of you who like a client to sit with you while you create their design. And I'm no different. However, I've relented for one new client as they won't have it any other way. I got this email today: "We are looking forward to see you on Thursday with all your laptop and...
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    Magazine style text backgrounds

    If you're using Illustrator, create a simple line pattern swatch, draw the shape and fill it with the pattern. You could also save the pattern as a large block in Illustrator, then fill a shape with it in InDesign. There are many ways to do it.
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    Frequency of invoicing

    I've been invoicing some clients immediately after doing a job. Some I wait till the end of the month to build up a batch, as I'd have to send perhaps 40 invoices individually to one client. I was wondering how you invoice your clients and if you have a specific policy. Do you wait till the...
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    Ideas to improve this logo

    Thanks Wardy. You're 100% right. Unfortunately he wants the road and the rainbow like that. This has been the sticking point all the way through the process. I might try to thin the road out a bit, enlarge the van over the mountains and outline the van. I'll see how that works. :)
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    Ideas to improve this logo

    Thanks hankscorpio. It's not quite there with the client; he says it's almost there. I'd still like some feedback in case there's something simple anyone thinks could improve it without changing it too much. I'll be tidying everything once they've pretty much signed off the design, but I'm not...
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    Ideas to improve this logo

    This one has been ongoing for a while, and the client has pretty much led it from the start. I gave him some pretty nice, simplistic retro ideas initially but he was insistent on having an arced rainbow which led into the road using these kind of colours. Although it's still pretty rough, it's...
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    Online Background Removal tool.

    Seems to only work with people and products. I tried uploading a photo of an eagle and it wasn't having it.
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    Do you manage print for your clients?

    Having worked in the print industry for many years I've seen huge amounts of money lost and significant cashflow issues. If I go it alone and do graphic design as a freelancer, I'm wary of getting into this problematic area. Does anyone manage print as a graphic designer? If so, how do you go...
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    What happens to artwork when design company closes?

    Thanks Scotty. I suppose a 'handling and packaging fee' might be a palatable expression?
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    What happens to artwork when design company closes?

    This is a possibly hypothetical question. I'm looking into my options if I walk away from my business (for various personal reasons). I have over 15 years of artwork on file, of which a fair bit is still in regular use. Most of you will have taken on jobs which has resulted in the client...
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    I'm struggling please advise.

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    Where to buy street maps?

    Does anyone know of any sources for good quality street maps that can be printed at high resolution? I'd be looking for specific towns and areas. Thanks.
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    Whether to break a long email address across two lines?

    I've already suggested this, citing the potential problems in the future. They're a bit stuck in their ways.
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    Whether to break a long email address across two lines?

    Here's one we've done recently. I'm going to be worried when Nicole Prascovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger wants some business cards.