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    Signs you're a bad designer

    Guilty now and then of 1, 6 and 14. No mention of not using comic sans?
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    lego help

    Done the survey. I love lego, my little boy has the big stuff at the mo, he sits there and watches while I build and then he smashes it up!
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    Are we all the same?.....

    Haha.. love this thread!: Drink way too much coffee. Yes! Drink way too much alcohol. Yes! Cant just do something, if youre doing it, it quickly becomes an obsession. Oh Yes! Short attention span. What? Enjoy the adverts more than the program. Yes! Everything has to be just so, Yes Always...
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    Blurred online Graphics... Help

    Hi Joe, I can't help you but I have had the exact same problem myself with Facebook and Google+, I've tried a variety of different formats but to no avail. In the end I've put it down to how these sites compress the images when they upload, and then gave up. Regards, Warren
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    When Good Logos Go Bad

    haha.. brilliant!!
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    Ownership issue

    This is a tricky one, fonts they will not own but there is always a bit of a grey area as to who owns what in design. I have been asked many a time to reproduce artwork from scratch when the client has fallen out with the designer. There are a few tricks you can use if you wanted to be cruel...
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    Mac G5 problem? Anyone had this experience.

    Agree with the posters above, you don't need to shut down your computer, alot more damage can be done to your computer with components warming up and cooling down... I don't think they really use that much power either. The only time I've also had this very loud fan noise was on a firmware...
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    Portfolio size A3 or A4?

    My vote would be for the A3 as well, A4 would be too small.. it's good to let your work breathe a little. Also you may want to think about taking along examples of some printed work (providing they are not too big) and also photographing your work if it is a pack or multiple items that would...
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    Hey guys

    Hi James, If your looking are designing websites I would use Dreamweaver as a starting basis, anything more serious than that and you'll probably be writing the code yourself. As for the becoming an illustrator, look no further than Adobe Illustrator and getting yourself a Wacom tablet...
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    Inspiration and ideas needed

    Hi Jake, As dot design suggested, it seems a little odd that you would post on a graphic design forum questions about how to set up the look and feel for another graphic design forum? Anyways, try to keep it simple, not to many colours... less is more etc. Warren
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    Pimp my Ride

    I have an old mkIII Golf GTi, coming up to 110k on the clock now and peeps keep telling me to get something new.. it's like an old dog that I can't bring myself to trade in for a new younger puppy, I love my golf, it even smells a bit of wet dog sometimes :icon_biggrin:
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    GDF Re-Design

    Hi all, Has the new design theme been implemented yet, I'm new to the forums so am unable to tell. To be honest if they haven't I quite like the look of the old theme, nice and clean and simple, but I suppose everything needs progression once in a while and you can always make something that...
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    Illustration & Graphics

    I've always taken it as: Illustrator: Drawing/Illustrating/Sketching the robin and flower swirls Graphic Designer: Putting the robin and flower swirls together into a nice composite (with text and graphics if needed)
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    Health and Safety in the Studio

    *Raises hand* No safety gloves here. Our health safety made us get a little yellow plastic bin to dispose of old scalpel blades and some wine corks (which I happily supplied) for storing the scalpels in when not in use.
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    Hi all, Allow myself to introduce myself. I am a Graphic Designer and have been working in the industry for 15 years or so. I use mainly Quark, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop but have been moving more recently to doing Web Design with Dreamweaver and Flash and a little bit of SEO...