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    Frankenstein book cover - please critique

    Sorry mate was flicking through some old posts and got carried away :')
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    Please help me designing a logo (I need ideas)

    Not a professional and complete beginner. I presume this is a recruitment agency? I was thinking in black text 'Right Jobs' with a simple tick next to it. don't over complicate it and keep it nice and clean? It could be as said above he doesn't know what he wants himself?
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    Frankenstein book cover - please critique

    the outline of a head with bolts in the side in a plain white maybe?
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    Which one do you prefer?

    I prefer the second one too - Maybe just leave the outline.
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    Hey all!

    So I am currently doing a design and innovation degree which has business elements to it. I am taking the route of graphic design (even though I have to learn adobe systems myself as it's not a graphic design degree) and product innovation and design. I didn't want to pigeon hole myself and...