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    Photoshop - Change hair colour

    Hi guys I would really appreciate it if someone could photoshop the colour of this girls hair to this red Would appreciate it so much Regards
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    My flyer

    very popular forum
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    My flyer

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    My flyer

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    My flyer

    still needs alot of work I know but some more feedback would be appreciated
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    Creating a forum

    I want to make a forum website but are the majority of them hand made, or is there a free software programme? Thanks
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    Homepage Review

    Please can you reiview this homepage please Thank you
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    Im looking for a website

    Got my 1st project the other day Some locksmith company wnats a website im looking for a smart / professional locksmith website for inspiration Most of the locksmith websites ive found seemed to be hope you can help Ta
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    Homepage review

    Ok.. Thanks all What do you think of my recent work? It seems abit boring to me
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    Homepage review

    This is my current homepage and this is part of my new homepage.. Im still working on it what you think?
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    Google Analytics

    Will Doyle | Freelance Web Design Devon its my website and yes.. someone else does has FTP access.. why does that matter?
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    Google Analytics

    verified it about 1 month ago.. it stopped working about 2 weeks ago..
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    Google Analytics

    Does anyone use this? My stats dont seem to be working. :(
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    Advertising Design Services with

    Hi Greg, Thanks Didnt see that.. you can delete this thread if you want