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    Beaver Builder is the favorite page builder of the folks I know who use these things with clients... The team behind it is super solid too. Worth a look.
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    Can this be tracked in Google Analytics?

    You can create an event onsubmit for the form. From there you could create a goal using the variables in the event you set up. From there you can build a custom report in GA to show your "goal conversion rate" for that goal. Good luck!
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    UK Hosting for Wordpress??

    Kinsta (UK based) and Siteground (eastern europe) are pretty good. WP Engine also has a UK office / entity / servers, but I work there so take this shill's advice with a grain of salt :) ....... Taking my shill hat off for a second, I would go with Siteground for cost effectiveness and WP Engine...
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    Does Anyone Use WP Engine For Hosting?

    I work for WP Engine. We don't provide email so our engineering / support staff can stay focused on WordPress. This means we're really good with WordPress, but you have to get email from another provider. A lot of our folks use Google's G Suit, but Hostgator's email hosting is good too. As for...
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    How many words should be included in a meta name description tag?

    It's actually a pixel limit rather than a character limit. That's why it's "roughly 155 characters". If this is WordPress the Yoast SEO plugin will give you feedback on length as you type. Good luck.
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    Wordpress development for sports site, can woo commerce handle the tasks?

    Here are a few notes that might help without knowing the client specs, etc. Memberships - WooCommerce Memberships is solid for the membership stuff, but you should also check out or Member Mouse. Both of those plugins are used by a ton of the top devs in WP and membership sites...