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    3D Design

    There is a plugin in Both After Effects and Nuke that allows you to turn film/video into 3D, using dual offset colour (red and green). I suppose you could then output a frame as a still image and print it off.
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    15 fun facts about Graphic Design

    Did you also know that the first ever web server was a NeXT Cube, running NeXT Step the forerunner of OSX
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    People who know Adobe Flash!

    you could post a web link to it.
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    How is the recession affecting everyone?

    Website Hi Rach I like your website, some nice stuff on there.
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    How is the recession affecting everyone?

    Confidence Eroding Yes it definately is. The job centre sent me to this seminar for professionals, and we had to do these excersises, standing up and telling the room about yourself etc. Somehow I got through that, though I really struggled with the confrontation thing, the guy I was paired...
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    Hello All

    Hello to anyone who reads this. I am Dave and I am/used to be a Motion Graphic Designer and worked for an airline entertainment company producing content for in flight entertainment systems, re editing and branding films. I was always interested in 3D Animation development and the more i...
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    How is the recession affecting everyone?

    Recession Its been a disasterous time. Been on the dole for over 12 months now. I've had a few interviews, but haven't got anything out of it. At a really very low ebb at the moment.:icon_crying: