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    Caclulating ROI on a website

    Oh yes, exactly. All good data. Referral spam is just a nightmare when looking at all of your data. Christ alone knows why they even do it :(
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    Caclulating ROI on a website

    I mean creating filtered views on GA to take out the referrals from the likes of, and These are not genuine traffic and skew results to the point of rendering it meaningless.
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    Caclulating ROI on a website

    Seem to spend large portions of my time filtering referral spam to get accurate GA data nowadays. Becoming more and more of a pain to be honest.
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    Looking For Photoshop Artists (Get Paid For GFX )

    You would generally create logos using vector software such as Illustrator and not Photoshop. Also, will people be paid for the two tasks you have indicated?
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    Client is not happy with SEO report ran on my website

    Running a SEO report on the day of launch is harsh. Sure, improvements could and should be made, but you are not going to get the best data from one day online. I also tend to use for reporting. It is, in my opinion, the most reliable and even-handed of reporting tools...
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    Alternative email clients?

    Have you considered a fresh account on Google Apps for Business (or work or whatever they are calling it this week)? I think it's about £2.95 pcm and it's dead easy to set up.
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    Hi guys!

    Welcome to the forum
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    Menu design

    You should probably use Adobe InDesign for this.
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    Please Vote.

    Done and done :thumb:
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    Creating websites in multiple languages with multiple domains.

    MODX CMS will do this for you if you are feeling brave! This is a decent starting point;
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    Mobile Friendly Websites

    Yeah, just because each website is different we start with a basic HTML page with some stuff we use all the time but nothing in the body tags and then build on top of that. We always choose our own breakpoints based on the layout and not on devices.
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    Mobile Friendly Websites

    That is a vote winner right there :thumb:
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    Mobile Friendly Websites

    Yeah, tried Foundation too. Can't find any framework where the site wouldn't be better started from scratch.
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    Mobile Friendly Websites

    We do too. I find frameworks are more trouble than they are worth and often cause way too much code bloat. We start with a basic template agreed between the team here and build from scratch.
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    Try a new way of job-hunting

    Avon hasn't been a county for years - since 1996 in fact. The area is broken into Bristol (which is a county), South Gloucestershire, Bath & North East Somerset and North Somerset. Hope that helps - with love from the West Country :icon_cheers: