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    Image Boundaries - Adobe Edge Animate 2014

    Is it possible to adjust the image boundaries around a graphic and it not just be a box? As it interferes with other elements I am trying to have a mouse over effect on oil platforms etc which includes piping. New to Edge so be gentle!!! Thanks James
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    Clients questioning invoice

    The job started off as 2 items and then the notepads added. I know the client well (old school friend). He is very much whatever it costs he will pay. I think it was the fact that there was a big jump in the price of notepads but like you say i didn't break it down. i.e. my time, stock imagery...
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    Clients questioning invoice

    I have been running my freelance business for a few months now. I have a few clients on the books some keep coming back. I was questioned about an invoice i had sent to create a business card, letterhead and A4 and A5 notepads. I charged what i thought was a reasonable amount and it was...