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    What are essentials a beginner in graphic design must know?

    Keep us posted what you end up deciding on, I too am educating myself would love to see where you take your studies.
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    Sustainability in design

    That would be an uphill struggle all the way wouldn't it? I can't imagine many clients would want to pay more for a biodegradable material on their products. Though as a designer I wonder if that could be a good personal branding decision? If the client knows you are an advocate for...
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    The merc with a mouth WIP

    Hi guys, so I gave up on this for a long time while I did some other things. I always had the thought that I never had a big enough block of time to make a dent in it. One day it hit me though that if I had just spent 15 minutes a night working on this even it would have been finished a long...
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    I think it looks nice. If you want actual feedback it would be helpful to make your question/request a little more specific but at a glance I enjoyed looking at it.
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    What do you do for a living?

    Im an artworker in South Yorkshire, I work in medical publishing.
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    Constructive criticism for this logo please

    The left hand one looks nice and hand drawn, very 'arts and craftsy' but I would be concerned that it would lose it's details when used at smaller sizes or seen from a distance. So for practicality I prefer the right hand one however I think it is lacking the hand drawn look, maybe try something...
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    Looking to build a UI portfolio - advice

    I too am interested in this, that's a great resource thanks for sharing it.
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    I am on the fence whether to buy Affinity or not. I think the applications will be good and you can't argue at the price but from what I have found online the general consensus is that the program you use doesn't really matter if you are working freelance, it is only if you are wanting to work...
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    Transitioning into UI/UX

    Hi, welcome to the foums. I don't know much yet about UI/UX at the moment but I am just about to start this tutorial on skillshare, maybe worth a look for you.
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    What you listening to at the moment?

    I tend to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Currently listening to James S.A.Corey The Expanse series. My usual podcast is Mysterious Universe And for music I am usually listening to Train or Fall Out Boy. Though I'm not a music fan so I have a ton of stuff but usually only one or two songs...
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    BE MY RAVE BOY - Signature

    I like it, not much to feedback to give, it's nice.
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    BE MY RAVE BOY - Signature

    Yeah did you make the assets yourself or did you combine pre-made assets and add effects?
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    What do you do for a living?

    Hi, I'm an artworker at a medical publishing company.
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    Logo project

    Hi guys, So here is a new logo for a company called Reseller Radar, which is an app and website similar in execution to Tripadvisor but focused on helping the reselling community find new locations and rate them. I can't make my mind up about this so I am narrowed down to 3 versions, I would...
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    Which one do you prefer?

    I like the first one too, though a simplified version.