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    Photography Website Design

    Does this little collection help Glen? 57+ Free Image Gallery, Slideshow And Lightbox Solutions | Graphic and Web Design Blog - Inspiration, Resources and Tools
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    Dropdown Menu Suggestions?

    Stu Nicholls has done some nice work over at CSSplay
  3. 4everdesign

    Google Maps without iframes

    Hi, does anyone have a slick way to integrate a Google map into a page without the use of iframes?
  4. 4everdesign

    How did you find Design Forums?

    Hi, I did a Google search for "web design blog", had to wade through countless private designer blogs to find this one which seems independent. As an intro, 4everdesign is a small design studio in Leeds, 1 x graphic designer + 1 x web developer. We're always interested in rubbing shoulders...